Tablet/Smart Phone Graphic for Marina Management Web Portal

Exploring the Web Portal

Offered as an option with the MARINA MATE, is a set of applications that can be executed from a browser.  When yacht club members, marina clients or marina staff sign in to the portal, the Web Portal menu is presented.  It's not made up from HTML web pages, but  rather software that is written and transformed into HTML using special system routines.  The portal can be launched from another PC or MAC, a tablet, or a smart phone using any of the web browsers.
The functions available are those that club members or marina clients could execute to manage their own profiles, review their current charges and past invoices.   There are also functions to view and request moorage posting, approve moorage renewals, sign up for special events, review Lounge Assessment status and view a list of Member or Client Rosters.  Access to the portal is only available to those individuals that have had a Web User Access record established with proper credentials.
For marina staff, there is a Dock Walk application that may be used daily to verify moorage assignment and confirm arrivals or departures.  There is also a Meter Read application that they can use on the docks to record hydro meter readings.
Those Guests that had made a reservation, when emailed to confirm their visit, can RSVP and provide an estimated time of arrival.

Associated to the Web Portal:
  • Applications that execute on tablets, smart phones and computers
  • Users must be provided an access code and password
  • Forgot My Password function is offered to users
  • Emails may be sent to all Web Portal Users
  • The properties for Web Portal Users may be built and maintained in spreadsheets to be imported into the system
The following functions include:
  • Edit My Profile - lets members and client edit their contact information
  • Review Account - a list of past invoices and payments are shown with aged balances
  • Invoice Inquiry - displays a list of past invoices
  • Current Charges - displays a list of current un-invoiced charges on file
  • Moorage Postings - lists postings of available moorage and lets members enter their request-for-moorage
  • My Moorage Contract - members and clients to view their moorage contracts, and approve their renewals
  • Event Signup - for special events that have been defined, users can sign up to attend, purchase tickets, RSVP and list the names of their guests
  • Club Roster - displays a list of members or clients listed by name, boat name and date they joined.
  • Longe Assessment - list all the members' lounge charges along with total credits, charges, tips paid, and balances for each assessment period

The Benefits to be Achieved for Staff:
  • The morning Dock Walk app can be launched from a tablet or smart phone and the status of moorage slips updated
  • Accounting staff will not have to deal with common issues dealing with billing
  • A club member or marina client roster is always available and displays data from members and clients profile records
  • Hydro Meter Readings can easily be recorded directly into the system while walking the dock without having to write it on a sheet to be entered later
The Benefits to be Achieved for Yacht Clubs:
  • Members can easily update their contact information
  • Members can check what oustanding charges are current on their accounts
  • Historic invoices can be viewed
  • The Club Roster can be accessed from anywhere internet is available
  • Moorage postings can be viewed and requested over the internet
  • Moorage Renewal Contract can be approved remotely
  • Lounge Assessment charges and status can be easily accessed
  • Tickets for Special Events can be ordered remotely
The Benefits to be Achieved for Marinas:
  • Clients can easily update their contact information
  • Clients can check what oustanding charges are current on their accounts
  • Historic invoices can be viewed
  • The Moorage Client Roster, if set up, can be accessed from anywhere internet is available

   Sample Screen Shots for the Web Portal: