Series 5 Accounting Applications  ± General Ledger
Record Journal Entries, Generate Financial Statements, and Define the Chart-of-Accounts
Series 5 General Ledger

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G/L Menu IconThe Series 5 General Ledger system captures all the financial Journal Entry transactions that have been generated from your subsidiary accounting systems.  These are then summarized by General Ledger Account to report changes to assets and liabilities for determining profit and net worth.  It's the application that controls your company's financial reporting capabilities with the following functions:

  • Define the General Ledger Chart-of-Accounts
  • Define the layout and content of Financial Statements
  • Record General and Standard, (re-occurring) Journal Entries
  • Generate Trial Balance and Financial Statements reports
  • Define Departments, Profit Centers, and Corporate Entities
  • Handle Multi-Company Consolidations
  • Inter-Company Transfers

The master Chart of Accounts is used to code the different types of assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses.  As well, it determines the format of your financial statements.  Depending on how the Chart of Accounts is developed, the financial statements can provide information for the many accounting levels within your company.  Additional analysis capability is available by defining Financial Entities.  These can be used to group selected components together to study what if scenarios or to create financial reports, (financial statements or trial balances), for the various aspects of the company.

The following diagram shows how General Ledger integrates with other Series 5 applications.

Diagram for General Ledger