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Define Courses, Schedule Classes, Register Students and Produce Invoices
Series 5 Class Registration / Invoicing

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R/G Menu IconThe Series 5 Class Registration & Invoicing system would be used to manage the registration, and optional invoicing for, of training courses and lectures that a company might hold.  These might be classes that are conducted either for internal staff training, or as a source of revenue.  Courses are entered into the system, and may be scheduled, repeatedly, as a class session.  Student registration information is recorded, along with hotel preferences.  Billing may be done either before or after the class is held.  Teachers, or guest speakers information may also be recorded.  Invoices are generated and are interfaced to the Accounts Receivable system.  The R/G handles the following data entry, inquiry and reporting functions:

  • Maintain Course Master information records
  • Define and schedule Class Sessions for each Course
  • Register Students for Classes
  • Maintain Teachers and Guest Speaker Master records
  • Generate and print Student Invoices
  • Provides Historic Class and/or Student Inquiry
  • Interface Invoices to Accounts Receivable

The Class Registration system is used in conjunction with the Series 5 Accounts Receivable system making use of the Customer Master file, and for interfacing Invoices as Sales Transactions to.

The following diagram shows how R/G integrates with other Series 5 applications.

Diagram for Class Registration Invoicing


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