Thin-Client or Client/Server Deployment Solutions for Series 5 Systems
Extend Deployment Solutions

Micro Focus AcuGt Management of Series 5 Accounting SoftwareExtend® is a full suite of software solutions, provided by Micro Focus Ltd., that enables the development and deployment of software applications across more than 600 platforms.  Sentinel Hill's Series 5 applications are developed and deployed using Extend.  Acu-GT® is the Open Systems Compiler and Runtime system; AcuServer® enbles client/server file access to data stored on remote servers; AcuConnect® provides client/server and thin client deployment; Acu4GL® enables transparent access to leading RDBMSs file systems; and AcuXDBC™ offers data management access to accounting data files.

Sentinel Hill Software is a Micro Focus Integrated Software Vendor and markets the Extend family of products.

Micro Focus ACU-GT® - Open Systems Compiler and Runtime System

Micro Focus ACU-GT helps to maximize business value while helping to reduce cost.  ACU-GT is an advanced development and deployment system for helping reduce maintenance time and increasing application modernization and value.

Having the flexibility to deploy applicaions to all major platforms, means the Series 5 Accounting software, as a graphical application, can run on UNIX, Linux or Windows servers presenting users with a full Windows graphical interface on Windows PCs.

Micro Focus AcuServer® - File Access Server

Micro Focus AcuServer is a distributed file server providing secure and rapid access to Vision, sequential, relative, and object files on remote server machines.  AcuServer addresses the twin issues of data integrity and performance in a TCP/IP network.

As a result, Series 5 Accounting software can be deployed over a multi-server network with all data residing on one server.  Network traffic is reduced since file I/O is carried out on the server, but at the same time, providing full file and record locking facilities.

Micro Focus AcuServer with Series 5 Accounting Software

Micro Focus AcuConnect® - Thin Client Deployment

Micro Focus AcuConnect is a client/server solution that means the Series 5 Accounting software can be deployed in a distributed processing architecture or in a thin client architecture.

In a thin client architecture, only the user interface portion of the application runs on the client, a 32-bit Windows machine.  The rest runs on a UNIX, Linux, VMS, or Windows server where data access is localized.  Because only user interface commands are passed to the client, network overhead is minimized.  As an added benefit, using thin-client, Series 5 can be deployed over the Internet.Micro Focus AcuConnect with Series 5 Accounting Software

Micro Focus AcuXDBC™ - ODBC/JDBC access to Series 5 accounting files data

AcuXDBC provides a simple solution to the challenges of extracting valuable data held in the Series 5 accounting systems' files.  By exposing the locked data to industry standard ODBC and JDBC interfaces, standard business intelligence applications such as Microsoft Excel, SAP Business Objects, Crystal Reports, or other languages such a Visual Basic can access the data without the user even being aware they are dealing with ISAM data files.

Micro Focus AcuXDBC with Series 5 Accounting Software

Micro Focus Acu4GL® - Application data as a Relational Database

Micro Focus Acu4GL offers the power and flexibility of defining selected Series 5 accounting data files as an RDBMS.  Without having to recode the Series 5 software applications using SQL, Acu4GL provides seamless access to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server®, ODBC or DB2® databases.

Operating Systems:
  • Windows Server 20xx
  • UNIX
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • Windows 10
File Systems:
  • Client Server ISAM
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • Sybase
  • Stand Alone
  • Multi-User Networks
  • Thin-Client Networks