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Manages Supplier Invoices and Check Processing
Series 5 Accounts Payable

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A/P Menu IconThe Series 5 Accounts Payable system, basically accumulates your suppliers invoices, manages the generation of checks, generates related reports, provides historic inquiry, and produces distributions that interface to the General Ledger system.  It's the application that controls your company's payables with the following functions:

  • Record your Vendors' information
  • Enter supplier Invoices and/or Employee expenses
  • Management payment approval process
  • Produce Cash Requirement Reports
  • Automatically or selectively mark Vendor Invoices to be paid
  • Generate and print Vendor checks
  • Generate ACH payments and payment notifications
  • Manages Check Reconciliation
  • Provides analysis of Vendor activity
  • Record Vendor contract infomation
  • Record Vendor risk assesments infomation

The Accounts Payable system handles the Payables for a single company.  If you have more than one company, then you need only to set up additional Series 5 company systems, one for each.  Each A/P company may be interfaced into it's own G/L, or into a corporate G/L system.

When used in conjunction with the Series 5 Professional Invoicing system, expense distributions associated to Vendor Invoices can be flagged to generate chargeable or non-chargeable entries to PI projects.

The following diagram shows how A/P integrates with other Series 5 applications.

Diagram for Accounts Payable