checkmark * User Defined Acct # Format
checkmark * Select by Number or Description
checkmark * Defines Layout of Financials
checkmark * 6 Financial Statement Layouts
checkmark * 6 Supporting Schedules Layouts
checkmark * Import/Export from/to Spreadsheet
checkmark * Upto 18 digit Main Account #
checkmark * Upto 5 digit Profit Center #
checkmark * Provides for Budgets
checkmark * Import Budgets from Spreadsheet
checkmark * Export Budgets to Spreadsheet
checkmark * Define Profit Center "Set" Entities
checkmark * Define Acct # Segmented Entities

      Transaction Entry:

checkmark * Batched Entry with Controls
checkmark * General Journal Transactions
checkmark * Inter-Company Transfer Trx Entry
checkmark * Unlimited Setsof Standard Trxs
checkmark * Interface from Subsidiary Systems
checkmark * Interface from Spreadsheet
checkmark * Enter Auto-Distribution Trx Sets
checkmark * Replicate a Series of Transactions
checkmark * Separate Trx and Ledger Dates
checkmark * Memo and Reference Fields
checkmark * Source Batch, Doc#, & Name Fields
checkmark * Auto Reversing Trx Generation
checkmark * Auto Accrual Trx Generation
checkmark * Transaction Posting Journals


checkmark * Interface from Subsidiary Systems
checkmark * General Ledger Transactions Export
checkmark * Year-End Processing
checkmark * Maintains 8 Fiscal Years of Data
checkmark * User Defined Fiscal Periods
checkmark * Multi-Company Consolidation


checkmark * Source Analysis Inquiry
checkmark * General Ledger Account Trx Inquiry
checkmark * Sub-Ledger Project Trx Inquiry
checkmark * Account Period Summary Inquiry
checkmark * Trial Balance Inquiry
checkmark * P&L Inquiry
checkmark * Balance Sheet Inquiry


checkmark * Trial Balance Report
checkmark * Transaction Source Analysis
checkmark * Inactive Accounts Report
checkmark * Financial Statement Layout Report
checkmark * Project Period Analysis

      Journal Trx Inquiry:

checkmark * Trx Inquiry by Account
checkmark * Trx Inquiry Listed by Date
checkmark * Trx Inquiry Listed by Amount
checkmark * Trx Inquiry Listed by Source Doc #
checkmark * Trx Inquiry by Entry Source
checkmark * Trx Inquiry by Sub-Ledger Project
checkmark * Trx Inquiry Export to Spreadsheet
checkmark * 8 Fiscal Years of Transactions
checkmark * Query by Period, or Fiscal Year
checkmark * Query by Selected Date Ranges
checkmark * Attach Documents to Transactions
checkmark * Flag Transactions
checkmark * Posted Trx Project Adjust Function
checkmark * Shows Account Opening Balances

   Financial Statements:

checkmark * As a Query or Report
checkmark * P & L
checkmark * Balance Sheet
checkmark * Supporting Schedules
checkmark * User Defined
checkmark * 6 Different Layouts
checkmark * Ad-Hoc, or Pre-Defined Sets
checkmark * Total Drill-Down Function
checkmark * Export to Spreadsheet Function
checkmark * P&L for PTD and YTD Actuals
checkmark * P&L for Fiscal Years or Periods
checkmark * P&L for Profit Center Actuals
checkmark * Reports on upto 8 Fiscal Years
checkmark * Budgets and or, Comparatives
checkmark * Optional Variances
checkmark * For ALL or Selected Profit Centers
checkmark * Balance Sheet as of a Date
checkmark * Balance Sheet by Period or Year
checkmark * Auto-Email to Department Heads
checkmark * Define unlimited Pre-Defined Sets

   Spreadsheet Import

checkmark * General Ledger Chart-of-Accounts
checkmark * General Ledger Account Budgets
checkmark * Sub-Ledger Project Master
checkmark * Sub-Ledger Project Budgets
checkmark * General Journal Transaction Entry

   Spreadsheet Export

checkmark * Trial Balance Report Sub-Totals
checkmark * Financial Statements
checkmark * Journal Transactions
checkmark * General Ledger Chart-of-Accounts
checkmark * General Ledger Account Budgets
checkmark * Sub-Ledger Project Master
checkmark * Sub-Ledger Project Budgets
checkmark * Transaction Source Analysis Totals