Waiting for Moorage Assignment in Marina Mate CLub software

Exploring Moorage Requests Waitlist

MARINA MATE provides the capability to provide a waitlist for individuals hoping to secure long-term moorage at your marina   When you are contacted by boat owners looking for moorage, you can record their contact information and details about their vessel.  When space is available, you can query the list and select the boat owner to offer them moorage.  Contact can be made either by phone or the system will send an email.  The list of waitees, can be viewed or reported, sorted by date registered, boat name, owner name or boat LOA.  If you already have a list in a spreadsheet, you can easily import that into the system.

Associated to Moorage Waitlist:
  • A sequential Request ID number is assigned to each moorage request query
  • Boat owners' contact information and vessel LOA detail is kept
  • List requests by Request ID, boat name, owner name, request date or boat LOA
  • Record when moorage is offerred along with Slip Code and moorage start date
  • Email "Offers for Moorage" to the next eligible boat owner
  • Import existing lists from spreadsheet

The Benefits to be Achieved:
  • Keep track of all the request for moorage made to your marina
  • Easily identify who to offer moorage to based on boat LOA and/or the date initially contacted
  • Record whether the offer for moorage was accepted or declined
  • The system quickly generates an "Offer for Moorage" email that can be sent

   Sample Screen Shots for Moorage Request Management: