Marina Mate empty Slips ready to Sublet in Marina Invoicing system

Exploring Sublet Management

For those Marinas and Yacht Clubs that allow their members or clients to sublet their moorage, MARINA MATE provides the management of the postings and rewards the owners of the slip with all, or a portion of the moorage fees collected.  When the slip is vacated for an extended period, either staff or the owners can flag the system that their slip is OK to sublet, and supply the dates.  At the end of the boating season, the owner of the moorage slip will either have their accounts credited or receive payment based on one of several formulas. Reports available include a Sublet Available Report, Sublet Post Detail Report and a Pool Group Credit Summary Report.
One of the methods is based on the concept of Sublet Pooling Groups.  Moorage slips are allocated to a pooling group based on the maximum boat length it can accommodate.  All owners with slips in a pool group that registered their slip for sublet will receive a share of all the moorage fees that were collected from vessels that were sublet to those slips.  A percentage is computed based on the number of days the owner's slip was available, to the total number of days all owner's slip, associated to each Pooling Group, were made available.

Associated to Sublet Management:
  • Keeps track of all owner slips that have been made available to be sublet
  • A Sublet Transaction record is created for every time a slip is flagged Available to Sublet
  • Details about each sublet moorage assignment is recorded to each Sublet Transaction  
  • Owners are credited all or a percentage of the sublet moorage fees collected
  • The amount credited is either the full amount, a percentage, a portion of each Sublet Pool charges, a daily fixed amount, a daily per foot rate, or nothing                
  • The annual Sublet Pooling Period is user defined
  • Define up to 15 Pooling Groups  for sets of slips accomodating vessels with a range of LOA                 
  • The total number of days all slips within a Pool Group are available is tallied
  • The total sublet moorage charges collected from a Pool Group is tallied
  • Staff can mark slips as available to sublet from the Moorage Slip Maintenance or Graphical Slip Query functions
  • Members or clients to mark slips as available to sublet from the web portal's Edit My Profile function
  • Members or clients making their slips available will have a Credit to their account or have a check issued from the Series 5 Accounts Payable system

The Benefits to be Achieved:
  • Offer to members or clients the opportunity to sublet their moorage and to receive a share of the sublet fees collected
  • Keep track of, and easily identify, those slips that are available to be sublet
  • Offer a fair method for reimbursing those owners that make their slips available, regardless whether the slip is actually assigned to a sublet moorage
  • Remove the chance of the dock manager favouring certain owners of slips when assigning sublet moorage
  • Choose what formula is to be applied when computing the credit amount for owners that put their slips up for sublet
  • Members or clients will be happy to receive credit when their slip is empty for sublet

   Sample Screen Shots for Sublet Management: