Executing Marina Mate Yacht Club accounting software on an Old Computer

Exploring System Managment

All Series 5 applications execute under the control of a set of standard routines.  Basic management tools are provided for defining Company Systems, defining Printer Queues, establishing User Signon rights, extracting and uploading data for Export & Import, presenting Application Menus and setting system wide Control parameters.

Associated to Series 5 Management:
  • Define rules for User Logon and passwords, and Menu Accessing Logging
  • Define separate Company Systems for multiple Companies, Divisions or Subsiduaries
  • Define User Logon and Menu Access priviledges
  • Set up Printer Queues and capture Windows Network printers
  • Reports may be printed, archived or simply viewed
  • Reports may be saved as MS-Word or PDF files, and optionally emailed
  • Optional user access menu Access Audit and query
  • Define Logon/Logoff Messages and User Broadcast Messages
  • Disable and/or Force Users off the system
  • Data Import/Export with MS Excel, CSV or Tab-Delimited text, or even Lotus data files
  • A number of different functions offer the ability to generate or read emails
  • Message content from emails sent from MARINA MATE are supplied and may be edited
  • An add-on utility is available providing 3rd party query and report generators to access data files as ODBC standard files
  • An add-on utility is available providing the option to have selected data files created as Oracle, DB2 or Microsoft SQL Server files
  • Series 5 applications execute on a single Windows PC, a multi-user Windows Server system, UNIX and assorted Linux systems

The Benefits to be Achieved:
  • Provide accounting for multiple companies totally independant from each other
  • For each user of the system, you can allow or deny access to every menu function
  • Rules can be set for users' access passwords
  • Choose to assign specific network printers to individual user
  • When generating a report, you can select to have it output to any of the defined network printers
  • Report and posting journals can be archived to be viewed or printed in the future
  • Build and/or maintain specifc data sets in Excel to be loaded into the system
  • Extract assorted data to Excel to be reformatted or to generate graphs for presentations
  • Reference data as ODBC files for your own 3rd party utility reporting or to be extracted into Outlook's Access
  • Start out with the application executing on a single PC license and upgrade to multi-user networks as needed

   Sample Screen Shots for System Management:

How MARINA MATE fits in with the Series 5 Suite of Applications:

How Marina Mate Marina Management system fits with Series 5