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Exploring Power Utility

MARINA MATE offers the opportunity to define your Hydro Meters and the individual Hydro Outlet Pedestals.  Meters may be assigned to specific moorage slips and flagged as to whether the kW-hrs used are to be billed to the moored vessel. The outlets also can be displayed on the Slip Graphic Query application.

Associated to Power Utility:
  • Optionally assign Meters to specific Moorage Slips
  • Record amperage rating for each Meter
  • Indicate whether Meter Charges are billed to Moorage Slips, or not
  • Import Meter readings from spreadsheet or tab-delimited files
  • The past 6 meters readings are kept for archival display
  • Support for 10, 15, 20, 30, 50 and 100 amp outlets
  • Outlet Pedestals are assigned to Meters
  • Pedestals may be mapped to the Dock Bitmap Graphics and displayed on the Sip Graphic Query function
  • Pedestal properties may be Imported/Exported from/to spreadsheet

The Benefits to be Achieved:
  • Display the location of different amperages of outlets on the dock graphics
  • Load meter readings from utility supplied files, or from spreadsheet
  • Charge customers for kW-hrs used, or at a fixed monthly rate
  • Assign meters to moorage slips for billing directly to specific customers

   Sample Screen Shots for Power Utility Management: