Data Bank Picture of data being moved in Marina Accounting Software

Exploring Data Import / Export

The Series 5 system provides for the loading or dumping of data from or to your favorite spreadsheet. Data can be read or written directly to Microsoft's Excel, or tab-delimited text files.

Associated to data Import & Export:
  • Assorted master files and transaction files may be imported or exported
  • Load or dump to MS Excel, tab-delimited text files, or CSV text files
  • Excel output workbooks are formatted depending on column data types
  • Excel can be launched after a set of data is exported
The following data types may be imported and/or exported:
  • Yacht Club Member properties
  • Marina Client properties
  • Past Guest properties
  • Moorage Slip properties
  • Task Charge Code properties
  • Items for Purchase properties
  • Power Outlet properties
  • Marina & Yacht Club properties
  • Boat properties
  • Moorage Rate Tables
  • Power Meter Readings
  • Moorage Contract Detail
  • Special Event Guests List
  • Request For Moorage Waitlists
  • Sublet Postings Detail

The Benefits to be Achieved for Staff:
  • Easily migrate assorted data from existing accounting systems
  • Maintain rate table in spreadsheets for easy update
  • Load power meter readings from data files provided from you utility
  • Extract assorted Period-to-Date, Year-to-Date totals for analysis or graphing using Excel

   Sample Screen Shots for Import/Export: