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Exploring Moorage Rates

Managing moorage rates is probably the most important function associated to running your Resort Marina, Marina or Yacht Club.  The MARINA MATE system offers a number of options for assigning moorage rates.
There are two types of rates in the system that can be assigned.  One set for daily guest moorage, and one for monthly term moorage.  For each set, you will establish default rates for moorage and electrical power as well as assigning a Task Charge Code.  You may however set up override rates to be  assigned in the following ways.  First, by assigning an override Task Charge Code, with a different rate, to each Dock that has a different rate; or by setting up Moorage Rate Tables.  Rate tables can be created for a variety of codes associated to moorage including Member or Customer Type, Dock Code, Task Charge Code and whether it is for term or guest moorage.  The actual table offers ten levels allowing you to set a rate or discount for vessels with different LOA.

Associated to Moorage Rates:
  • Define basic moorage and power rates for both Term and Guest moorage
  • Define override rates for different Docks
  • Rates are applied to vessel LOA, length of slip, or footprint area of vessel or shed
  • Rate Tables may be created applying different rates for up to ten ranges of vessel LOA
  • Different Rate Tables can be created for Term or Guest moorage, different Customer or Member Types, Docks, Reciprocal Marina Guests and Moorage Task Charge Codes
  • Rate Tables can be set up for Moorage, or any other type of charges generated
  • The properties for Rate Tables may be built and maintained in spreadsheets to be imported into the system

The Benefits to be Achieved:
  • You can define a simple rate structure but apply override rates for special cases
  • Set rates based on slip or vessel length or area
  • Assign different rates depending on ranges of vessel LOA
  • Assign different rates for term moorage, regular guests, reciprocal guest and commercial vessels
  • Assign different rates for different types of Yacht Club Member types
  • For system set-up and rate reviews, different rates can be easily updated from spreadsheet

   Sample Screen Shots for Moorage Rates: