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Exploring Dock Management

MARINA MATE provides for the setting up of multiple docks.  These might be for a single location or different locations such as the home marina and outstations.  Docks can be set up as traditional finger slips, or dynamic side-ties.  Different rates and revenue accounts may be assigned to each dock.  Each individual moorage slip is also defined to the system with size properties and assigned to a particular dock.

Associated to Managing the Docks and Moorage Slips:
  • Yacht Clubs can define Docks for the home marina and each outstation
  • Docks may be defined for Finger Slips, Side-Ties, Rafting Corridors, Harbour Buoys, Harbour Anchorage or Onshore Storage
  • Different rules for Moorage Charges can be assigned for each Dock
  • Each Dock has Override Charge rates for Moorage, Power and WiFi
  • Different Override Charge rates may be set for each Dock for Guests, Club Members or Marina Clients
  • Each Slip is set up and assigned to their respective Docks
  • Each Slip has a maximum size vessel it can accomodate
  • Identify the types of Power available to each slip
  • Power utility meters can be assigned to each slip
  • Slips may also be defined for sheds, floats, buoys, on-shore yards and even RV sites
  • Docks are presented as a filter for assorted reports and functions
  • The properties for Slips may be built and maintained in spreadsheets to be imported into the system

The Benefits to be Achieved:
  • Easily manage moorage for the home marina and outstations
  • Guest billing automated for all types of moorage assignment
  • Establish monthly charges for term moorage and daily charges for transient moorage
  • Easily graphically assign moorage to regulate slips or side-tie docks
  • Power can be billed at a fixed day/monthly rate or based on kW-hrs used
  • Revenue earned can be broken down by Location, Dock, Guests and Moorage Clients or Members
  • For system set-up, properties of Slips can be built in spreadsheets and imported into the system

   Sample Screen Shots for Maintaining Docks & Slips: