False Creek Yacht Club vessel hoping for Moorage with Marina Mate CLub software

Exploring Moorage Postings

When a long term or sublet moorage slip become available in Yacht Clubs or Marinas, MARINA MATE offers the ability to generate a Moorage Posting.  The Posting is made available to members or existing clients who may enter a request to have the given slip assigned to them.  Those parties that have put in a request for the moorage are listed.  A reporting function is available and members are emailed when the moorage is awarded. 

Associated to Moorage Postings:
  • The date available, maximum vessel sizes and term rates are recorded
  • The basic Moorage Rates are determined based on the Control Preferences set up, assigned based on either the Maximum LOA of the vessel, or the Slip Length
  • Postings have a closing date after which requests can no longer be made
  • Emails may be sent to all members or clients announcing new postings
  • Members or clients can view and request the moorage from the Web Portal
  • A diagram of sheds and slips may be displayed when viewing postings on the Web Portal
  • Those individuals that applied for the moorage can be listed by Last Name, Boat name or Seniority
  • After the closing date, when awarded to a member or client, they can be notified by email
  • Once the winner of the moorage is advised, the posting is flagged as Pending Verification
  • After verifying the size of the vessel and the Member has agreed to take the moorage, the Moorage Posting may be flagged as Awarded
  • Emails may be sent to all applicants advising them of the successful applicant

The Benefits to be Achieved:
  • Easily provide detail about available moorage to club members or marina clients
  • Provide an easy way for members or clients to request moorage for available slips
  • Keep track of all applicants who applied for a moorage posting
  • Advise members by email when postings are made, and to applicants when awarded
  • Via the Web Portal, members and clients can view and request moorage for posted listings

   Sample Screen Shots for Moorage Postings: