Birds waiting for Recurring Contracts from Marina Mate Yacht Club Invoicing

Exploring Recurring Charge Contracts

Marinas and Yacht Clubs, as well as billing for moorage, need to record charges for an assortment of other types of services.  MARINA MATE offers the ability to set up different types of Billing Sets that are used to generated any kind of charge that is recurring.  There are a number of predefined charge types, such as dinghy and kayak storage, slip-side storage bins, lockers, assigned parking spots and even net and trap storage for commercial fisherman.  You can also dream up to five additional charge types of your own.  For each of the billing sets defined you can also indicated what bits of information should be recorded that is associated to the charges.   
Contracts are generated using the same steps as that for moorage contracts.  The contracts can be printed and emailed to the customers.  They also have to be approved before invoices are generated. 

Associated to Generating Recurring Charge Contracts:
  • Set up for Dinghy & Kayak storage, slip-side storage bins, lockers, parking spots and net & trap storage
  • Define up to 5 of your own types of recurring charges
  • Billing Annually, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Monthly or Weekly
  • Define what detail fields are to be recorded to each Billing Set Charge that prints on the contracts and invoices
  • Set up Unit Rates to be applied Daily, Weekly, Monthly, per Billing Period, as a Monthly Foot Rate or to a Quantity
  • Optionally assign a different profit centre to the assigned Revenue account
  • Separate contracts are generated for each Billing Set Charge Type
  • Each Billing Set's printed contract can be unique, or use the standard format

The Benefits to be Achieved:
  • Easily set up recurring charges for services other than moorage
  • Choose from system supplied charge types or set up your own
  • Recurring charges are managed with contracts
  • Up to 15 Billing Set Charges can be assigned to each member or client

   Sample Screen Shots for Recurring Billing Sets: