Marina Mate Invoicing for Marina Management

Exploring Billing & Invoicing

The primary function associated to MARINA MATE is managing the billing of all charges relating to the moorage of boats owned by club members, marina clients and visiting guests.  In all cases, charges are identified and recorded, invoices are generated and printed or emailed, and either payment is received or items passed to Accounts Receivable "On Account".  Invoices are generated and may be printed as MS-Word or PDF documents, and/or emailed.  They are posted to the Accounts Receivable system as either open items, or as prepaid items along with all revenue and cash distributions.  Invoice data records are kept on file in history availble for inquiry and may be reprinted and/or emailed to the customer. The MARINA MATE system has functionality ready to adapt to various credit card gateway systems for both bulk and card present billing

Associated to Invoicing:
  • Invoices are automatically generated from different functions. (see below)
  • Generated for "Pre-Paid" or "On Account" customers
  • Computes and applies up to four different taxes
  • Includes Quantity, Unit Rate and a description of each charge
  • Applies any applicable deposits or pre-payments
  • As an option, also list past overdue invoices on the invoice
  • Charges are recorded with assigned G/L Revenue Accounts
  • May be printed or automatically emailed to customers by the system
  • Built as MS-Word or PDF documents formatted to user defined templates
  • Stored in history and available to be viewed, reprinted or emailed
  • MARINA MATE is ready for Invoices to be charged to customer credit cards submitted using credit card gateway bulk billing
  • Invoices may be De-Generated in the event wrong dates have been entered, or for other reason
  • Invoices may be printed as Draft Invoices for review
  • Invoice Layouts are used to define generation and printing options along with title, footer comments, type of detail printed and grouping
  • The layout and content of invoices may be customized by Sentinel Hill Software
  • Marina customers and Yacht Club members can review their invoices from the Web Portal
Invoices are automatically generated from the following functions:
  • Guest Visit Management - Reservation booking and Moorage Deposits
  • Guest Visit Management - Checking In or Out
  • Moorage Contract Management - Initial and Renewals
  • Sublet Management - Generate Owner Credits
  • Invoice Management - Invoice current charges

The Benefits to be Achieved:
  • Provide detailed invoices to your guests, club members or marina clients
  • Apply up to four different taxes applicable to different charges
  • Easily generated invoices and automatically email them
  • Invoices for "On Account" customers are recorded as open items in the A/R system waiting to be paid
  • Easily review historic invoices and reprint or email them to a given customer
  • Invoices have a professional look

   Sample Screen Shots for Billing & Invoicing: