Marina Mate Club Lounge Assessment Management

Exploring Lounge Assessments

For Yacht Clubs with a lounge or restaurant, MARINA MATE offers support when a members Lounge Assessment system is in place.  Members are billed an annual Lounge Assessment fee applicable for defined Allotment Periods.  When members visit the lounge and charges incurred, they are recorded in the system and applied against the allotment period's credit balance.  At the end of each allotment period any credit balance remaining is either moved to the next period or recorded as Unused Lounge Allotment Revenue.  If the member had exceeded the credit balance, charges are generated against the member's account.  All charges and credits recorded are kept on file and available for assorted reports.  Emails may be generated and sent to each Member that shows the totals of Lounge Assessment Credits and Lounge Charges for a selected Allotment Period.  The text and layout of the email may be configured as desired.  Members may also view their charges and credits, as well as totals and credit balances, for each allottment period from the web portal.

Associated to Lounge Assessemnent:
  • Annual or period assessment fees are automatically generated and invoiced
  • Restaurant charges may be entered directly, or imported from the lounge ordering system
  • Charges are applied against allotment period credit balances
  • Allotment period balances are maintained for each member
  • When credit balances are exceeded, member charges are generated
  • Unused credit balances are recorded to revenue
  • Separate amounts recorded for food, liquor, taxes and tips
  • Detail or summary reports available for members or servers
  • Allotment status reports may be emailed to members
  • Applicable G/L distributions are generated for Cash, Deferred Lounge Revenue and Receivables, Food Revenue and Unused Lounge Allotment Revenue
  • Members can view allotment balances and charges using the web portal from their PC, smartphone or tablet

The Benefits to be Achieved:
  • Set up and manage a Lounge Assessment system for your club's lounge or restaurant
  • Automatically generate member charges and invoices for either each assessment period or the year
  • Interface easily with your existing food ordering system
  • Reports are available showing totals of food, liquor, tips and taxes
  • G/L Distributions are generated for you that can be exported to your financial system, or moved into the Series 5 General Ledger system
  • Members can check their allottment credit balances using the members web portal

   Sample Screen Shots for Lounge Allottment Management: