Marina Invoice Calendar for Reservations

Exploring Guest Reservations

For Resort Marinas, reservations for moorage can be made up to 14 months in advance with optional booking fees and moorage deposits collected using credit card credentials.  Moorage deposits can be refunded if the reservation is cancelled within a specified period of time before the scheduled arrival.  Moorage may be assigned at the time of the booking.  The associated invoice may be automatically emailed.

Associated to Guest Reservations:
  • Handle Bookings up to 14 months into the future
  • As an option, charge a non-refundable Booking Fee
  • As an option, charge a Moorage Deposit
  • Booking Fees will be refunded if a reservation is cancelled within a defined number of days before the scheduled arrival
  • Credit Card credentials can be entered to charge Booking Fees and/or a Moorage Deposit
  • Record how the reservation is made. ie., phone, email, in person.
  • View future assigned moorage for reservations on the Slip by Date Query application

The Benefits to be Achieved:
  • Make reservation for moorage for 14 months into the future
  • Be able to charge a booking fee and moorage deposits
  • Refund moorage deposits for cancelled reservations
  • Easily graphically view future moorage reservations

   Sample Screen Shots for Guest Reservations: