Chameleon on a Stick being an Accountant using Marina Mate Yacht Club accounting software

What Would Interest your Accountant

Your accountant will have a significant influence on the system to be implemented to manage your marina or yacht club.  Using the Series 5 General Ledger system with MARINA MATE will provide proven management and reporting capabilities.

Associated to Series 5 General Ledger:
  • Build your GL Chart of Accounts
  • Define the format of your GL Account Number with up to 18 digits in the Main Segment with a 3, 4 or 5 digit Profit Center
  • Create up to 6 primary layouts for both the P&L and Balance Sheet statements
  • Define pre-configured "Specification Sets" of Financial Statements using different layouts, with or without Budgets, Comparatives and Variances
  • Ad-Hoc generation of P&L Statements for PTD and YTD totals or Fiscal Year or Fiscal Period , with detail Drill-Down
  • Ad-Hoc generation of Balance Sheet Statements as of a Date, or by Fiscal Year or Fiscal Period
  • Create "Financial Entities" using groups of Profit Centers or Account Number Templates used for reporting
  • Maintain GL data for multiple companies with the option to merge selected ones for consolidated reporting
  • Journal Entries are entered in control sets manually, from spreadsheet or automatically from Subsidiary Systems (ie., AP or AR)
  • Create "Standard Journal Entry Sessions" for re-occurring transactions such as Payroll, or Depreciation, etc.
  • The past 8 years of Fiscal Data is kept on file available for reporting
  • Define up to 13 Fiscal Periods per Fiscal Year for reporting
  • There is a formal "Year End" process with either manual or automatic Retained Earnings generated
  • Option to import GL Account properties, Journal Entries, Budgets and Sub-Ledger Projects from spreadsheet
  • Export Journal Entries, Budgets, Source Analysis Sub-Totals, Financial Statement Totals or Trial Balance Sub-Totals

The Benefits to be Achieved:
  • Build your Chart of Accounts with accounts grouped as you desire
  • Build different Financial Statement Layouts to be presented for Tax, for Reconciliation, or whatever
  • Manage Financial Data independantly for multiple subsidiaries with optional consolidation
  • Easily generate those sets of Financial Statements that are the same every month
  • Easily generate Ad-Hoc Financial Statements using a variety of filters
  • Easily generate and automatically email Financial Statements to department heads
  • Formalize the entry of Journal Entries and Year-End Processing
  • Easily enter standard re-occurring Journal Entries