Series 5 Systems Management - List of Enhancements

Over the lifespan of the Series 5 Systems Management system, a number of major enhancements and minor fixes have been applied.  Following is a brief summary, (listing the most recent items first).

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New and Different – Enhancements and Fixes in S/M

    For 2012

Click to expand/collapseUsing Windows' Logon Usernames

A new option has been introduced to the General System Settings properties screen.  You may now define to have the Series 5 system use the client's Windows Logon Code as the User Code for signing in to Series 5.  If set, when Series 5 is launched, the Windows Signon Code will be used.  The User-Logon screen will be presented, but only the Password field may be displayed for keyboard entry. (If the given Series 5 User Logon profile had a blank password entered, then the User-Logon screen will not be presented at all.  Control will be transferred directly to the Main Menu screen.)


For systems that are set to use the Windows User Logon code, user's would ONLY be able to log in to Series 5 using the Windows Logon Code.    The function to "Repeat User's Logon", found under the Main Menu's File drop-down menu will be disabled. Note however,  if a user has their System Management Access set to Full, they will still be able to "Repeat User's Logon", and sign on as a different user. (Feb-28-2012)


    For 2011

Click to expand/collapseSystems Maintenance Functions

When any of the Series 5 applications are executed, one of the steps involves identifying whether it is being executed as a thin-client on a Unix system or as a normal Windows "Fat" client application.  The routines that are used to provide "System Manager" Utilities was not performing this step, as it was assumed they would always be executing as a Windows FAT client.  This test is now performed, and related printing routines that take different steps depending on whether the user is executing as a Thin-client or a FAT-client now will work correctly.   (Jan-25-2011)


    For 2010

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The system provides for accounting data files to be kept for each Company separately.  The Company Systems Maintenance function offers a field used to specify the full pathname to the folder where the data files are stored.  Up until now, this path could not contain any spaces in the folder names.  The system has been enhanced to allow spaces in the directory pathname. (Although with AcuGT 8.1 on Windows 7 spaces in the directory path folder names does not work). (Feb-08-2010)


    For 2009

Click to expand/collapseEach Applications' User Access Maintenance

The function to export User access summary rights to Excel spreadsheets, has been enhanced (Dec-15-2009) :


When titles are output, they will be formatted as bold in 14-point

When legends are output, they will be formatted as bold in 12-point

When headers are output, they will be formatted as bold and italic


Click to expand/collapseAutomatic Disabling of User who Fail to Correctly Logon

As a new security feature, as an option, you may select to have users that fail to correctly log in to Series 5 after a specified number of times, automatically disabled from logging in again.  Before they can use the Series 5 system again, the System's Manager, or Series 5 Gatekeeper must modify their Logon Properties record.  This option  may be selected with a new field found on System Control Options screen. (Oct-22-2009)

Click to expand/collapseUser Logon Profiles - Disable Logon Access

As new property has been introduced to the User Logon Profile screen.  "User is Disabled from Logon Access" offers a check-box, which when set, disables that user from logging into the Systems Management system.  This option is set by the system when a user fails to enter the correct password a given number of times, (see preceding enhancement entry). (Oct-22-2009)


    For 2008

Click to expand/collapseOn-Line Help

The Systems Management  functions now have On-Line Help.  You can access these help files from the assorted functions' screens or menu bars. (Aug/2008)

Click to expand/collapseLogon User Temporary Access Rights

A new property has been introduced to the Logon User Profile screen, that provides for temporary logon rights.  If set,  the user will only be able to log in to the system up to a specified date. (July/2008)

Click to expand/collapseUser Signon Audit Inquiry

A new function has been introduced that provides inquiry to the User Access Audit records.  Records may be listed and displayed on a grid screen, by Application, or by User or by date.   A report may also be generated.   The inquiry shows the Date, Time, User, Company Code and Function that was executed. (July/2008)