Does Series 5 execute on a UNIX, Linux, or Windows servers ?

Yes, along with a variety of other operating systems.  It can also be executed on a single PC under Windows 10.

Can different users access applications at the same time ?

Yes, and depending on the application and function being executed, records and/or applicable files are locked.  Also, licensing is done on a per user basis.

Can data files be accessed from users over a network in a Client/Server environment ?

Yes, applications may be executed on a user's PC, on either a local or wide area network, or even over the internet set up with a Virtual Priviate Network.  Data is kept on your server with users executing the application software as either “Thin” or “Fat” clients.

Can accounting files data be accessed using third party reporting and query utilities ?

Yes, priviledged users can be set up to access the accounting data files with programs such as MS Excel, MS Access, Crystal Reports, or any other application that can process ODBC compliant data sources.

What types of reporting or printing options are available ?

When reports, or forms, are generated from Series 5 accounting packages, a number of different options are available to the operator:
  • View and browse the output on the screen, complete with a search function
  • Print to any of the network defined printers
  • Archived for future reference
  • Generated as an MS Word, or a PDF document (with option to be emailed to specified recipient)

What security features are provided to access to Series 5 Accounting systems ?

In order to access any Series 5 application, a Series 5 User Logon record must be established.  Then to access a specific application, a User Access record must be defined within that application.  Users are granted, or denied, access to each function within an application.  For Logon Users, the following apply:
  • Passwords must contain at least 8 characters with at least one numeric and one alpha character
  • Passwords are valid for a desgnated period of time, and cannot be re-used
  • Users failing to correctly logon after a specifed # of times, are disabled and can only be re-enabled by the Systems Manager.
  • Users can be disabled, and re-enabled, to log on by the Systems Manager.
  • Users can be enabled for a lmited number of days by the Systems Manager.
  • An audit trail is kept of all user logons, and of the functions they executed
  • The system supports the concept of a “Gate Keeper”  This is the only logon user that has access to setting up new logon users, and allocating User Access to applications.

Can accounting be maintained for more than one corporate entity ?

Yes, seperate accounting Company Systems, may be defined for different companys.  Totally independent data files are kept for each company, and users must be given access rights to each company.